Meet Candy, Sweet table Specialist

Hello! My name is Candace, (a.k.a. Candy)

I've been married to my best friend for 11 years and we have two wonderful sons. After becoming pregnant with my first baby, I quit my job as a server and bartender. I decided that when I returned to work, I would be my own boss and do something that was creative and fulfilling for me. My journey of self discovery really began, when I became a Mom. Over the years of being a "stay at home" Mom, my love of baking and creativity, included making treat tables for my sons birthday parties. I really enjoy finding inspiration and working with whatever themes my boys come up with. 

After several friends suggesting that I go into business and sell my baking or do party planning. I started thinking about an original way, that I could bring my ideas to life. It was important to me, to fill a need and create something unique. This is where the concept of Candy’s Sweet Tables was born. A customized “wow factor” for any occasion. I relieve the stress and additional work for the busy Mom or host without the extra costs of hiring an event planner. It's important to me to I incorporate other small businesses and artisans and support local. I source the best products, from people who specialize in making them. Every aspect of a sweet table is made with love, care and attention to detail.

For me, this is an opportunity to use my skills and be creative. I love to collaborate, continue to grow and learn new things. The part I enjoy the most, is seeing peoples reactions, children's excitement, faces lighting up and watching people enjoy the goodies that I've put love and thought into. Its a treat for me, to help make some of life’s most memorable moments that much more special. Whether it’s a marriage, a new baby, birthday, anniversary, holiday or any event that brings everyone together. Its such an honour to be part of these celebrations and customize sweet tables specifically for each event.


xO Candy

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